Anarcute is a project I’m working on with Lucie Viatge, Mathieu Leclerq, Tom Victor and David Rabineau. The game is out on Xbox One and Steam.

Anarcute is about leading a crowd of animal headed rioters in the streets of cities all around the world to help their friends that are opressed by the evil Brainwash Patrol. The city is your weapon, you can throw everything your little fellows grab, from street lights to cars and end up tearing down whole buildings on your ennemies.

As a graphist on this game, I worked on the environments, characters, animations, FX and some community management assets.
Note that this isn’t a student project anymore. It’s a full game made on our spare time outside school. We had the pleasure to be showcased at several events such as GDC, Gamescom, Paris Game Week and won several awards like “Best Action Game of the Paris Game Week”, “Unity Awards Best Student Game” and a nomination as “Best Student Game” at IGF.

You can follow us on our Website, Twitter or Facebook page. If you have any question on the story behind the project, I’d be glad to answer them !