Shelter 2


Shelter 2 is a survival game in wich you embody a mother lynx that has to take care of her cubs for them to grow up. Wandering in massive forests or tundras, you will have to explore, hunt animals, fear hunger, weather and predators and above all, protect your cubs.

The game is an indirect sequel of Shelter where you played a mother Badger. Unlike the first one wich is mostly a linear level-based game, Shelter 2 features an open world that you can explore freely. It is developed by Might & Delight, a small independant studio based in Stockholm. I had the pleasure to work with its people for 3 months last summer as a 3D artist. You can buy the game from the official page.

I arrived when about half the production was done, when a lot of assets were produced and the two other 3D artists were kept busy with shaders, terrain and game design related elements. My role was basically to fill up the first drafts of the landscape whenever we thought something was missing. Trees, foliages, collectibles, dead animals, I had to make as much content as possible that was destined to add life in the landscape. As the deadlines were short and the game ambitious for Unity, the guidelines were “Recycle, Make it fast and don’t waste the programmers time”.

The game is guided by highly abstract graphic choices. Everything is textured using a limited palette of patterns made by the tremendous art director Jakob Tuchten. The design on the other hand is focused on the player experience of learning to take care of a bunch of polygons and get attached to them as you journey through vast landscapes. This is probably why Might & Delight from my point of view is one of the companies that have a unique artistic point of view that no other can be compared with.

Nothing much more to say, If you haven’t played Shelter, give it a try.