Tower Dive (Temporary)


Tower Dive is my final year school project. Made with Tom Victor, Julien Gauthrin, David Rabineau, Galdéric Sabourin and Thomas Verdier.

It’s a multiplayer parkour racing game set in a procedurally generated city. You play a group of children running after an ice-cream van, fighting for the first place and the biggest ice cream. It focuses on depicting our dreamed childhood from what we wanted when we were young (crazy toys, colored shoes and time away from school) to details of our memories. Basically a nice playful place to chill and have fun with your friends.

As one of the two graphists of the game, I’m in charge of a bit of everything. Mostly textures, 3D tech, shaders and animations. Procedural generation is a big challenge on this project as every bit of art can be used in multiple contexts, different level designs, lightings, and purpose.